Hi Mary,

“I just had to share how Joey (blue collar) never ceases to amaze me. 3 nights here so far…1st night he woke me every 2 hrs. to go outside to potty. 2nd night he only woke me up once & 3rd night he slept thru the night. You really start getting the puppies on the right track preparing them for their new homes. He had 2 minor accidents in the house but since then only wants to potty outside, even in the rain! Since he’s still teething, we need to keep an eye on him and distract him with a chew toy to munch on instead of our pant legs, LOL. He’s such a joy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing him into my life :)”

Here’s a couple of pics to show you how relaxed Joey is in his new home! LOL, at night he’s been sleeping curled up next to me since day one!

Hope all is well :))

Joan (and Joey) from OH


Later date: Joey had his first grooming today and the groomer told me how surprised she was that he was so good during the process. He just stood there, calm as can be, and I think he looks great 🙂

He didn’t even flinch when they cleaned the hair out of his ears!

He’s improving a little each day…still working on his chewing. He does well so far on short car rides….sits nicely in the passenger seat. I found a store not too far away from me that sells the Earthborn puppy food (The Pets Pajamas). He’ll be getting neutered the end of next month…LOL, Merry Christmas Joey….snip snip!!!

I’ll keep you posted as he continues to progress.

Warmest Regards,

Joan & Joey