I really wish you could see her! She has settled in just like she’d been here all the time. She sleeps through the night and is doing well with her potty training.

I took her to my vet yesterday and he was most impressed. He works closely with the vet schools of LSU and Auburn and is not easily impressed. He said that he favors hybrids because they are the best of two breeds if bred correctly. He was also impressed with you as a breeder and said that you’d done a very good job. I just thought you might like to hear that…

She has the cutest personality and is so very smart. We have named her Gabriella, calling her Gabby for short. I think she knows her name already. She is so little that I had to put bells on her collar just so I’d know were she was. She is so fast and can get away from me in the house before I know it. The bells have worked just great, though!

I’ll send some pictures, I promise.

Kathy from LA