Kathy from LA


Hi Mary Lisa!

We are having so much fun with ‘Angus’! (Fourche Terrier) You’d be so proud of him…potty training is amazing! He stops in mid play – looks around and runs to the potty pad whenever ‘nature calls.’ He is so smart…sits up on his hinds legs for a treat – when I ask him to, and is such a joy to play with. I was off today with him, and he fell asleep in my arms and was so sweet! He is such a doll, and again – so smart and anxious to please!

He is wonderful and you obviously have made a difference in his beginnings! As I’ve read in both the book you have provided, which is very helpful, but in other areas, the first few weeks are so crucial to the temperament of these babies, and our little guy is so good!

Our daughter received a Sheltie – 3 months old, and this poor baby, now 5 months is so bashful. After reading the book you sent, it is obvious that her little guy did not get the attention he needed at an early age. I’ve passed information to her from this book that I hope will be helpful!

ps. He loves Mike’s beard – I think it feels and looks a little like mom.


He goes bike riding with us. Loves to go and actually will sit still for his bike harness to be put on. Now that he is used to the ride – he is all about looking around for squirrels, birds and people.

Swimming is his newest adventure. He is all about the water! I love his coat – as he just shakes and he is basically dry.

He is just a doll! A FEISTY doll, but so loving, very playful and so darn smart!! He learns tricks so quickly, and enjoys showing off. I wish we were closer so you could play with him and see what a great job you did with him. I’d love to have another – but it is good also to have Angus be an only child. I always mention you to those that meet him and are taken with him.

Kathy from LA

about a year later:

Angus loves watching baseball and recently enjoys chasing football players! He actually watches TV with us and interacts with any animals and close ups of mean looking men that appear. So funny! If we don’t react he runs to get us and barks until we come to watch and react or clap in response! He is a crackup! He is the life of all family parties.

We love him so much! And of course spoil him rotten! Best little kid ever.