written 6/27

Mary Lisa’s, just had to write to tell what a joy little Callie (Dance’s tiny red collar sable) is to everyone, especially my daughter. She is adjusting well to her new home, sleeping through the night, and is having increasing successes at outdoor pottying. She is SO smart!!! She and my daughter start puppy classes next week at the local kennel club.

written 7/11

Hi Mary Lisa, Jilli called to tell me how Callie’s second puppy class went (Dance’s Sable red-collar baby). She told me that she was SO proud of her… that she was the only puppy in the class of 22 that would “come” to her owner from across the room going over obstacles like little jumps, bridges, tunnels, etc.  All of the rest of the dogs ducked and dodged, but Callie ran and jumped enthusiastically through the course to come to her new “mama”! And all this from a tiny little one-pounder, including harness and tag! Jilli also told me that after they worked on the “sit” command for several minutes in the class, they then walked around the arena on leash. Jilli said that all during the walk, Callie kept going to her “sit” position and looking up at her mama expecting a treat! She is SO smart! Keep doing what you do, Mary Lisa! Any idea yet when Sparkle might expect her next litter (with Jeep)? To say that I’m anxious for my own puppy is an understatement! —Kerry