Morning Mary Lisa!

Just wanted to thank you so much for your time yesterday!  We loved playing with all of your animals and appreciate you for letting us come out to choose the puppy!  Miss Zoey had a wonderful ride home – probably b/c she was held for 8 hours!  She had a great night, just whining a few times – and both times to go outside and potty!  YEAH!!  She ate a full breakfast this morning and is now laying on my bed on her back being rubbed to death by my kids……..her life is good! :0)

 Thanks again and we will send pictures soon!!!

Take care,


Zoey is doing fabulous! She just got back from her first trip to the beach! Yes, you can use whatever you like from us on your web site! And I have to tell you thepotty training is fabulous!! Because she was raised outside, that is the ONLY place she wants to go potty!! She will whimper when she needs to go and outside we head – fabulous!! Thanks again!! We will be in touch!


Our Zoey is perfect for us!!! She is very laid back, LOVES playing with the kids, is spoiled ROTTEN, was very easy to housebreak, sleeps in my bed (with her head on a pillow) and just fabulous! We love her so much and she is exactly what we wanted!

Thanks Mary Lisa!

Krisann from NC