Goldilocks' ShihApso Puppies
Goldilocks’ ShihApso Puppies



Hi Mary Lisa! Sure hope all is well for you guys out there in Patriot!

I can’t begin to tell you how much we love these two pups (4 months old now!). They are honestly the best dogs we have ever had!!! People are constantly asking me their breed and commenting on both of their beautiful colored eyes!

They are everything you said they would be. Just wanted to keep you posted and wish you well! I can’t believe we’ve had them two months already! Time does fly!

Will send more pictures as they continue to grow. Max (blue eyes) is almost 13 pounds and Merfie, the girl, is about 11 1/2 pounds. Dear, dear, animals!!!! Just can’t thank you enough, girl! We couldn’t be happier!

More soon! Blessings to you!


______   few months later   _____

Hi Mary Lisa – just took these today (6 months old) – wanted to share. I tell people about you all the time because anyone that sees them wants to know what they are, where they came from, etc.!!! You get all the credit, as you should!!! Your genetic studies certainly paid off here!!!!

Joined a dog park today so they can make more friends. We have two dogs next door but they are extremely “yappy” and these two aren’t like that. They are “frisky” but they just want to play. I am fearful the neighbor dogs would bite (already bit a boy that was working on our yard for Kent!!!)

I have them “in training” at our local Petsmart but the girl working with them said she rarely sees pups this young as smart as they are!!!!! They are everything anyone would want in a pet!!! (so, they kind of do get some spoiling!!!!!

Anyhow, just thought you’d appreciate the pictures and those beautiful, beautiful eyes!!! Have a wonderful rest of this day!!