Hey Mary Lisa,

I can’t even tell you how much we are in love with Phoebe. Besides being the cutest dog in the world, and sweet and cuddly too, we didn’t realize how smart she is. Last week I started to teach her some little commands, and she is learning them faster than I can teach her. Within 3 days she had learned sit, sit up, give me your paw, down, roll over, and just yesterday she learned “tippy toes” – she stands up on her hind legs and turns around in a circle. Our big dog Tanner can do a bunch of tricks too, but it looks so much cuter with a little dog.

While I have your ear, is there a medical reason that I should have Phoebe spayed? Is it detrimental to her health if I don’t have her spayed? She must have already had heat already, and if she did, we weren’t able to tell, so I hate to put her through surgery if it really doesn’t make any difference. Also, her adult teeth have come in, but her baby teeth haven’t come out yet, so she has two rows of teeth top and bottom. Will her baby teeth need to be removed by the vet? If so, and there is a medical reason we should have her spayed, then we should probably have the teeth done at the same time. Would they do that?

Hope all is well at Sunny Day. Phoebe sure does make our days sunny!

Warm regards!

Mary Rae