Hey lovely !!!!

Some days, when you wake up, YOU JUST NEED A RAINBOW.

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy your AUTUMN SUNNY DAY newsletter & all of the new baby pix from Patriot, Ohio, I finally got to talk to your cowboy, Mark earlier this evening. SWEET!!!!

1st—congrats on the Birthing Center/SPA. LUCKY DOGS–each & every single one of them.


3RD— Sassy UNCLE Sam met my groomer of 17 years today…funny how just a tiny mani/pedi/butt shave knocks the SASS right out of an 8 pound/ 5 MO old puppy. It was beautiful. I bathed a Sheltie while Sam met Pampered Paws. He was such a big brave boy.

Without hesitation.. I tell you…this little floppy dog/muppet baby/gremlin is truly….WELL, he’s just the most ADORABLE dog we’ve ever owned. He’s right out of a Disney cartoon. While Liberty doesn’t always agree, she is the most patient & loving big sister to him.

Will try to send some shots from our AUTUMN @ the Cabin. You know me, it might take me a couple of tries.

Sending lots of PUPPY LOVE & licks to you. LOVE, ROBYNE