Thank you so much for our Carkie pup. And thank you for your hospitality towards Keith.

He enjoyed his visit. They made it home safe and sound. Little guy is playing around the house right now. Lots of smells.

Steve and Ann

Greetings from Livermore, California. Rusty is settling in happily here. During the day, when Ann is working from home, Rusty has this space in the kitchen where he can keep an eye on Ann.

He likes that. He really likes hanging out in the front yard seeing other dogs walk by with their owners, though we don’t let him run freely with other dogs until he gets all his shots. Seems to like the Taste of the Wild Elk/Buffalo mix. OK eater. Both ears are up all the time now. Seems like he knows his name, especially if I have a goodie in my hand. Everybody is GaGa over little Rusty. Sooooo cute.

Thanks again…Steve and Steve & Ann

Rusty is looking like a teenager dog now. Done with shots, he is in his first class now. Some odd looking coarse silver hairs emerging at the base of his tail. Quite a showstopper. -Steve and Ann