Hi Mary Lisa – Duncan is doing very well! We arrived home in Arizona yesterday and he is making the transition just fine. He was a great little traveler and was a hit every where we went. We were very careful to keep him away from where other dogs have been and he had his 3rd shot yesterday when we got home. His vet loves him! Also, he gained 4.2 ounces in the last 2 weeks. Can be a chow hound! Oh, and he sits quietly and then waits for a little pet when I give him his food. Quite smart already.

Duncan has come out of his shell and has quite the personality – loves to play and is very vocal at times. He has bonded with both of us but in different ways. He’s very social and loves to meet other people. Vet says we can take him to puppy kindergarten now so we are looking into that.

This picture is one of those quiet moments with dad. Thanks again for all you do to raise these wonderful puppies. We love him very much!

Paul and Susan