Hi ML,

Thought I would let you know we decided to use the vet Kathy and Mike use for Angus. (bought their pup from me several years ago)

We have an appointment at 9;00 am on Thursday for his well puppy check.

I also wanted to let you know Kathy and Mikes secret is out now!!! lol

While we where on our camp out Steve was like a proud new father telling every one about our new little boy, then when he discovered we had wifi at our camp site. He had everyone enthralled with your site and the photo’s of our new bundle of joy and let me tell you there was over 38 people just in our main camping club there and an other 50 or so from our other group of friend in the car club that was at the same camp grounds.

Don’t be surprised if you get a few extra people from the bay area wanting to know more about your babies!

Also last night we had a small get together for a BBQ and told our daughter about our new arrival I’m sending you a photo of my daughter with the two boys Ted E. Bear and Angus

Thank you some much for the time you spend to give your little ones the best start to life they can get. It really does make a huge difference to there life and ours and others like us .

Terrie for CA