Mary Lisa,

We bought a yorkiepoo from you back in June, “Zoey”. We just thought we’d drop a quick note to tell you how well she’s doing. She’s perfectly healthy and happy. She has an unusual habit we find adorable. She’s been teaching US new tricks. Although we’ve managed to teach her to sit, speak, and “go out”, she has decided we need to fetch. She picks up her ball in her mouth, tosses it across the room and barks for us to go get it and bring it to her. She is a huge hit wherever she goes and I suspect is favored over the grandchildren as the grandparents call and ask for the dog. She is more precious to us than we could have imagined and is giving us quite a work out. She absolutely loves to go hiking but insists on leading and will actually out run whoever dares to get ahead of her. We could go on and on about all of her qualities. We keep looking at your puppy pictures and keep thinking we may want another one. Who knows. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful puppies.

The Holleys