Erin and Max from OH

9.6.2009-Max-009Hi Mary Lisa,

Max is the best puppy ever! (Shorkie) He is such a sweetheart. We play all day long (when he’s not sleeping) and he only cried in his crate one night. I eased him into it because he was away from his family and how could I not help the little guy? The first night he was sad and every night since then he goes into his crate and falls asleep. And he’s only had a couple of accidents. He goes out every hour and tells me every time he needs to go potty.

I attached a couple of pics in his bed. He runs around too much outside that I can’t get any pictures! We’re going to try again today..

Just wanted you to know he’s doing good and I’m so happy to have him. Thank you for everything.

Erin and Max from OH

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