You NEED to be sure that the ingredients in the product are all “Sourced in the USA” to be safe!

I have 3 dogs that have almost died or have died from toxic dog treats Oct, 2013. PLEASE be careful buying store bought treats! Much critical care has saved 2 out of 3 so far but with severe kidney & some liver damage…

As I am writing this, well over 10,000 dogs have died from treats that have ingredients in them that were made in China (most of it is). This count is not even close to the numbers of dogs that have gotten deathly ill, then recovered after long term critical care with vet bills in the thousands. I had 3 adult dogs that were in prime, perfect condition suddenly get deathly sick and lost my little Chipper from complete kidney failure… It was a terrible death… The other two I was able to save but only after long, very intensive care.

Chipper’s body was sent into FDA for autopsy along with bags of all my treats (lots of different kinds – I spoil my babies). Our FDA is working to find out which ones killed so many dogs. I want to save as many people that I can from the sadness & devastation of watching their loved dogs deteriorate, suffer & die such a terrible death.

My dogs were young adults in their prime! -all three were in perfect condition. Here is a picture of little Chipper just 1 day before he ate the toxic treats.

A VERY happy & healthy "Nestles Chip"
A VERY happy & healthy “Nestles Chip”

Meanwhile, throw away all treats that are store bought. Some folks think if the treats say “made in USA”, not just “distributed in USA” that they are safe but not so. Dog food/treat companies are not required to list where the ingredients are obtained (unlike food for human consumption). The ingredients may come from China and be toxic. If in doubt, just use human food as treats. Again, You NEED to be sure that the ingredients are all “Sourced in the USA” to be safe! I cannot say this enough!

Secondly, its nice if the treats are also healthy!

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  1. I was told this by my vet not to give china treats to my dogs about a year ago. I wish I would have shared the info with others. I only give them treats made in USA . I am going to share this with my dog loving friends now. So sorry for you & your babies. I know you must be heartbroken.

    1. I knew about those chicken jerky treats more than a year ago – this was not them! But, just FYI, it took over a year for Walmart & KMart to remove those from their shelves. I watched and waited until FINALLY suddenly 1 day they removed them all.

  2. So very very sorry to hear about your dogs- both your loss and illnesses. Thank you for alerting about the false security of “Made in the USA” with possible Chinese ingredients. I have forwarded your information to everyone that I know. I hope there will be a trustworthy site with good products to use. Stopping all store bought treats until further notice.

    1. Great job! Thank you SO much for helping me get the word out! I am going to contact the FDA tomorrow and possibly send in my Chipper’s body along with all the bloodwork & tests that we ran on my 3 sick dogs. Also, the rest of the treats that I used. I think we can possibly get some answers. I will keep my website updated with new news on this.

  3. Mary Lisa –
    I am so sorry for your loss I can only imagine how devastating that must be. My prayers are with you.

    1. Thank you so much for your concern. I just hope we can save other people from loosing their little buddies by passing the word around. It is SO sad to see them die and not be able to save our little friends…

  4. Oh no that’s horrible!! I’m so sorry 🙁

    Does the warning include Milkbones and other crunchy treats too?

  5. I just bought dog treats tonight!! All 5 of my dogs ate them!! I’m freaking out right now! What brand, all of them? Ps sorry for your loss

    1. Chipper died ( my newest choc ShihTzu (1 yr old). Yoda & Milo are recovering. I think Yoda is going to be OK finally (after VERY near death) & Milo is improving very slowly. I am not sure yet exactly which treats that did it but I have narrowed it down to either the bacon ones, or some alligator jerky (made in US) – but probably imported their ingredients from China. 

  6. I am heartsick about your lose. I know how careful you are in checking everything you give your dogs. I will pray for you and for the recovery if the 2 dogs still struggling.

  7. I contacted Wellness at their website yesterday. I received an email back this am indicating they use very little from China -some vitamins. Taurine is one. If you like I will forward you their answer to your email. Again I am so sorry for your loss and the sick dogs. They are furry family babies to be sure. The only love that money can buy.

  8. Mary Lisa, that is so terrible and sad about your dogs.
    Possibly you could start an online petition that all of us could sign to ask the FDA to do some checking into this.
    You print it and we will sign it

  9. Heartbreaking. I was told to avoid Chicken and Duck Jerky treats from China. But Mine get Beggin strips and walmart jerky( Old Roy) . My teacup poodle vomited 2 days in a row after eating Walmart brand jerky. This is scary, thanks for the post. Not worth the risk. He seems fine now after stopping the Walmart brand jerky. My 2 yorkiepoos had no problem, but I stopped feeding to them also.

  10. Mary Lisa this is so sad! We have a shorkie from camo and buckshot willy’s first litter (Oscar) and we know how much you love your babies. We are thinking about you and all your furbabies.

  11. Mary Lisa,

    We are so deeply sorry for your loss. We know how heartbreaking it is to lose a beloved pet. Our thoughts are with you and we will pray for the continued recovery of Yoda & Milo. Thank you so much for alerting us to the danger of the the treats..

  12. Mary Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss and heartache. Thank-you for alerting usI will definitely not give our babies any store bought treats & will spread the word. I am so very sorry.

  13. So sad! Sorry for your little ones. I had the same problem with Ciara, out Morkie. It was well before anyone had started to talk about the Chinese treats. She developed Fanconis’ Syndrome; this left her totally incontinent of bladder for a few weeks to 2 months. We are really lucky. We treated her with weekly sub-Q fluids for about 9 or 10 weeks, eliminated treats and placed her on a bland human chicken and rice diet.shehas made a full recovery but we have to monitor her U/A protein and sugar levels for a while longer.
    I my experience, it was Dingo Brand chicken jerky and chicken jerky -wrapped rawhide chews that caused it. Since her recovery I have found that Greenies, the lllittle veggie bones, are safe. Also I found a brand of human-grade, organic and American grown & made treats. The company is called Full Moon and is availible at Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle/Marins grocery stores. They have chicken, turkey, pork and salmon jerky treats. Also they do not use any preservative, other than the drying process to make jerky, which is what caused so much illness and death in dogs.

    Hope this helps anyone interested.

    1. Hi Robyn!

      I have been trying to get ahold of you via email for weeks- ever since you placed your deposit!!

      Yes, it was devastating about those toxic treats! Terrible. I am so sad to hear about Ciara but at least she is doing ok now. So glad about that! What a tough time she must of had…
      Yes, it did cause the Fanconis syndrome in my dogs also. And I also, think it was those Dingo brand treats. I saved them for the FDA to study but they have not asked for them yet. They did extensive studies on my dog that died though and found the Fanconi.
      I am so glad that you told me about those safe brands of treats! I have been so terribly afraid to use anything but Puperoni ever since. My vet friend from Iams / Eukanuba had her company do the research on those and confirmed they are safe so thats the only treats I use now. )Except for the ones I make from human food. Full Moon treats are OK? How did you find that out? I am so afraid to try any store bought treats… I would be very happy to use them if I were absolutely positive they are safe!

      Meanwhile, here is my email that I have sent to you twice so far without a response – I hope this gets to you!

      I received your deposit from PayPal already but I am not sure which puppy that you are interested in!

      I put you on Tickle’s waiting list for one of her HavaApso puppies. Is that OK? They are going to be AWESOME!!! I am excited about them!! They are here: Tickle’s Hava-Apso Puppies.

      I will need your address & phone number for my records. If you are planning on flying your puppy (I use my Puppy Nanny), please send the name of your 2 favorite airports in the order of your preference.

      I will email you when the little ones are born of course, and I keep my website & you updated with puppy pictures every 2 weeks as they grow to help you choose. I have all about the choosing precess on my website here (hope the link works): Choosing Your New Puppy – Which one will be yours?!

      It is really fun watching them grow! You are going to LOVE the parents when you meet them. You are of course welcome to come anytime to visit them & their pups as they are growing. I am afraid that I can pretty much talk your head off when it comes to dogs! 🙂

      Thank you much & I am looking forward to meeting you & showing off your new puppy! Meanwhile, can you tell me if you are receiving my emails? 🙂

      Mary Lisa

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