Whispering Pines Log Cabin

Whispering Pines Log Cabin Rental

Whispering Pines Log Cabin Rental

We have a good friend who rebuilt an old log cabin “Whispering Pines” just a few minutes from here. He is using it as a rental for folks to spend the night, weekend, week or whatever. They are very nice country folks and the old cabin is really cool! Folks coming here to pick up their new puppy can stay there if they like instead of some plain local hotel. We are pretty far out in the country so the next closest hotel is about 20 min from here. I am sure that it would be much appreciated and an adventure!

They have old antique furnishings, wrap-around porch, all tucked into the pines, (NO neighbors!) and all that. An old claw-foot tub in the master bedroom, they also have new showers, and it is wheelchair/handicap accessible also. Very clean & tidy.

Everything there but the food. Little Amish stores around to get good food though. 🙂 I think it is around 150 or so for 1 night. Bring the family and make it a trip to remember!

Call Rachel or Jared 740-446-3368

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