Christmas is Coming Here at Sunny Day Puppies!!

Winter is beginning here at Sunny Day Puppies & Christmas is Coming!!

I know that I don’t send out newsletters very often but I do update my website almost every day! If you want to keep up on the news here, please take a look around my website every now & then. Well, lets see if I can update you on all of the happenings here since my last newsletter. Summer & Fall have gone by very quickly it seems! Looking forward to some winter fun!

Cody & Al – I think she is trying to talk him into a puppy?!?!  What do you think?!? Christmas gift?!?!

Happy Retirement!!

Well, back to my little doggies! We had 2 mommy’s celebrating their retirement this past year! Patch & Promise are both living their well deserved lives of luxury in their new, very carefully chosen forever homes. Although I miss them dearly, as this is one of the most difficult things with breeding when my retiring dogs go, I do LOVE seeing them happy in their adventures with their new families! Our hearts will always be together.

Introducing New Mommy’s!!

These 2 WONDERFUL retiring ladies have new mommy dogs who are taking over for them. And they are also VERY LOVELY ladies!! Here they are! And it’s going to be sooooooo exciting to see the little puppies they will have for us all this coming year!!!

And the BEST News for Last!!!

Christmas Puppies !!!

6 Litter of Puppies Coming Soon !!!

My girls & I are planning SIX litters for this winter!!! Yes, I did say 6!!! Dream, PopTart, & Waffles are expecting right before Christmas with TicTac New Years Day! Then Daisy, & her sister Roxy are expecting in February!!! Can you imagine that – what an exciting Winter we are going to have!!! I can hardly wait!!!

My waiting lists are MUCH shorter now with the wait for a puppy down to quite possible only a few months! My last summer plan worked! I overlapped my retiring mommy dogs with my new Moms & all of those folks who had been waiting for over a year for their puppies finally got theirs! Lots of VERY happy families out there now!! 

If you are interested in a Sunny Day Puppy keep an eye on my website for all of the exciting new litters coming this winter!!! It’s going to be SOOOOO much fun watching these be born & grow!!! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All !!!

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