"Designer Dogs" - Mini, Toy, & Teacup Non-Shedding, Hypo-Allergenic Puppies for Sale. Breeding & Raising Puppies on the Farm with Love, the way they should be raised!

Sunny Day Puppies

I cross breed my AKC / CKC champion-lined top quality registered dogs to produce good natured, child friendly, healthy, irresistible puppies with highest intelligence, problem-solving abilities, trainability, and of course they are pretty darn cute too! My AKC Yorkshire Terrier Stud Dog is an own son of the Westminster Champion!! He is crossed with a Shih Tzu (ShorkieTzu puppies), Toy Poodle (Yorkipoo puppies), and a Havanese (Havashire Puppies). We also breed Hava-Apso puppies (Lhasa Apso / Havanese), HavaPoo puppies (Havanese / Poodle), & ShihPoo puppies (Shih Tzu / Poodle). We raise the sweetest, smartest, healthiest, Lap-size Hybrid Designer Dog puppies you can find!

I have chosen breeds / specific dogs for their traits looking at their dams & sires for genetic strength. My pups are all non-shedding, hypo-allergenic dogs weighing between 5 – 20 pounds depending on the cross that you choose. Be sure to read about “The SDP Difference” -our way of breeding and raising our puppies! (link there in the navigation bar there to your right). As you may already know, it is hard to find a good breeder but rest assured, you have found one now!

I have many pictures of parent dogs here, their pedigrees (most are from champion lines), show records, examples of designer crossbreeds, & puppy/adult dog pictures from previous litters. (And be sure to enjoy all the fun pictures of my dogs & I in the “FUN PICS” photo gallery!) On each puppy page I have expected birth dates listing people with deposits on puppies from that litter. New puppy photos updated in my photo albums every 2 weeks as they grow.


My little buddies & I LOVE hiking in our woods – Heading back from the creek here

Some SUPER COOL News: Animal Planet is considering featuring Me & My Dogs on their show “Breeder of the Pack”!!! I am CRAZY excited about it, and a little nervous too! It will be SO fun!!! I promise to keep you all updated here on how all that goes!

  • Squeek & Jeep had 4 Chocolate Tuxedo HavaPoo puppies March 13th!
  • Dixie Chick & Britches had 2 Tiny YorkiPoo puppies March 16th!
  • Pajamas & Milo had their ShihPoo puppies April 11th!
  • Sparkle & Jeep had 6 HavaPoo puppies April 19th!
  • Goldilocks & Jeep are expecting their HavaApso puppies April 26th!
  • LolliPop & Hatfield are expecting their Old English Mastiff puppies April 28th!
  • Dance & Scoobee are expecting their Havashire puppies April 30th!
  • Splash and Jolly Jeep are expecting their HavaPoo puppies May 23rd!
  • Cheerio & busy little Jeep (it’s no wonder that he is so happy all the time LOL) are expecting their HavaPoo puppies June 15th!

I’m excited to announce that our Old English Mastiff “LolliPop’ and her Handsome Hubby “Hatfield” are planning a 2nd litter of AKC puppies for this Spring! Their 1st litter have grown up to be incredible so we decided to repeat it once more!

Lolli_Pup copy

LolliPop and one of her AKC Old English Mastiff puppies from her 1st litter.

It’s sure has been a fun winter with the puppies to brighten our days! And it looks like Spring is going to be even more exciting around here!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!!!

Some even COOLER news: One of Cesar Millan’s (The Dog Whisperer) trainers is getting a puppy from Me!!! That says ALLOT!!! AND not only that, my dogs & I may get to be on the show!!! We are keeping our fingers crossed!!!

Prices for our CKC Designer Hybrid puppies are listed on their pages. Puppies with the rare Merle (speckled) patterns, tuxedo, or the very tiny puppies are a little higher as listed. Puppies sold with full CKC or IDCR registration. Remember, all dogs & puppies are non-shedding & hypo-allergenic!


Be sure to take a look at all of the albums of FUN pictures in my Photo Albums!!!

All my beautiful puppies are very well socialized with people, many other dogs of all sizes, and many farm animals too! They are naturally used to using the bathroom outside already, well away from their food & bedding. They come when called & follow very well. They are very happy, friendly little puppies. They wash my face quite thoroughly every day with their tiny tongues! When they are old enough & ready to go to their new homes, they easily adjust & usually are very simple to house break & train. Be sure to read about “The SDP Difference” and you will see why I have developed such a reputation all over our country and my puppies are often called for far ahead of time!

Me & Our Designer Dog Mamas & Papas Out For A Walk!

EVERYBODY has a good time around here! – Just look at all these HAPPY faces!!!






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