Havanese "Pebbles"

“SDP Pearly Pebbles”
Havanese 10 pounds ; 9 inches
AKC#TS25175008 ; CKC#HA-04899096

Pebbles is a small sable Havanese girl. She is quite the sweet, quiet, gentle heart. She is as soft as a cotton ball & reminds me of a cuddly teddy bear! Her favorite sports are Lapdog, cuddling, & napping while getting a belly rub. Always the light-hearted girl, she LOVES to play with all her buddies! Hiking is fun too but if it’s a long hike, she prefers to ride in Pepto’s backpack for the trip back home!


Pebbles playing with her Buddies “River” & “Bling”

Little Havanese Pebbles can sure be the “Life of the Party” when it comes to playtime with her buddies!! We just can hardly get any work done around here for the laughing at her antics when she is trying to get her little buddies to play her favorite game “Catch Me If You Can”!!

Pebbles’ daddy is our legendary Havanese “SDP Jolly Jeep“. He was bred with my very close friend and fellow dog lover’s imported from Hungary show Havanese girl “Autumn Secret” and of course little Pebbles was my pick-of-their-litter! Pebbles’ husband is our wonderful little Yorkie “JackPot” and their Havashire puppies – well, you just have to see them! Wow!


A Little About the Havanese:

Just recently Registered by the AKC in 1995, Havanese are known as the National Dog of Cuba. They are a happy, outgoing, charming, small but sturdy dog whose temperament and trainability have made them excellent candidates for obedience training. Havanese are natural companion dogs: gentle and responsive. They become very attached to their human families and are excellent with children. Very affectionate and playful with a high degree of intelligence. These cheerful dogs are very sociable and will get along with everyone including people, dogs, cats and other pets. They live long lives, (14-15 years), and possess a kind spirit. They attach to their owners easily, making them “fantastic little friends.” They can have a little bit of a shaggy appearance, but when brushed, are soft as a down pillow. Havanese are gentle, kind little dogs that are ideal for owners who want a little buddy to follow them around.
Havanese are responsive and friendly. They are intelligent, faithful, and devoted to their families. They are natural clowns as well. Havanese are affectionate and living to please. They are attentive, quiet and gentle, but still love to play. They get along with almost everyone, including children and other animals. They will play tirelessly with children. Havanese require minimal exercise, making play sessions an easy outlet for their energy.

Learning Rate – High; Obedience – High; Problem Solving – High.

The Havanese is a non-shedding, hypoallergenic double-coated breed with soft hair, both on outer and undercoat. Adult hair coat reaches 6 to 8 inches, and has a pearly sheen.

The gait is unique – lively & ‘springy” which accentuates the happy character of the Havanese. Hence her name “Dance With Me”! The Havanese gives a rugged impression of a little dog, sturdy, and while a small breed, it is not fragile.
They are easy to obedience train and get along well with other dogs. This curious dog loves to observe what is going on. The Havanese have a long reputation of being circus dogs, probably because it learns quickly and enjoys doing things for people. It is not their nature to bark a lot. Havanese are good watch dogs – making sure to alert you when a visitor arrives, but will quickly welcome the guest once it sees you welcome them. Havanese live for your every word and gesture.

I have several example photos of what the Havashire (Havanese / Yorkie) puppies look like. As yet there are few breeders who breed them with the Havanese being very new to the USA & an expensive breed. I am FULLY confident, after studying these two breeds for some time, that they will be an awesome combination! See my Havashire Puppies photo album for examples. Be sure to see our “Past Puppies” albums to see each Mommy’s past puppies at all ages.

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