Pajama’s Chocolate Cafe HavaPoo Puppies!
Sold Puppies: Pajama’s Chocolate Cafe HavaPoo Puppies!

Mini Chocolate / Cafe-au-Lait / Silver Beige, & Merle HavaPoo Puppies !

Pajamas’ previous litter of Shih Poo (Mini Poodle / Imperial Shih Tzu) puppies below pictured at birth. Such rare & beautiful colors!

Mini Poodle Pajamas with her 9 Newborn ShihPoo puppies!

Mini Poodle Pajamas with her 9 Newborn ShihPoo puppies!

Mini Poodle “Pajamas” and our AKC tiny 5 lb Chocolate, hazel eyed, Imperial Shih Tzu “Milo” have solid Chocolate, Cafe-Au-Late, and Chocolate Merle Shihpoo Puppies (Shih Tzu / Poodle) Daddy Milo is our Little Prince Charming! Adorable baby doll face, wonderful personality, and gorgeous hazel eyes! Take a look at him on his page. They have very beautiful, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, and beautifully colored ShihPoo puppies in all shades of chocolate! We are pretty excited about them! His puppies with Pajamas are registered with CKC.

Above are more photos of Pajamas & Milo’s previous Chocolate, Chocolate/Cafe Merle Shih Poo puppies. Many are VERY unique chocolate merle patterned Shih Poo puppies! I expect them to range around the 9-13 pound range as adults. They are sure beautiful! It’s so exciting to watch them grow – keep an eye out here & I update their pictures frequently. Below is pictured “Remy” at 1 year old living on Park Avenue, NY! She was a solid chocolate as a baby, then lightened to the beautiful “Cafe” color as an adult as most of Milo’s puppies do.


Showing here the change from Dark brown/chocolate to a Cafe’ light coffee color as PJ’s puppy “Remy” grows into adulthood.

Pajamas has dumped her ex-husband Milo for our new handsome chocolate / tuxedo Havanese “SDP Jolly Jeep”. I can’t blame her a bit for falling in love with him. He is quite the charmer!

Deposits are $250. Total price for Pajamas’ puppies vary, higher with the rare chocolate merle pattern. Solid Cafe / chocolate  puppies are $1,500 male/female; $1,700 for puppies with the white markings; puppies with the chocolate merle pattern are $2,000. All of the puppies will have either the green/hazel eyes or the crystal blue/partial blue eyes that often accompany the merle pattern. Remember that most of the solid chocolates will turn cafe chocolate with dark points like her previous puppies pictured above. “Puppy Colors & Markings” . My goodness, what a beautiful bunch of puppies!!!

There are 3 girls & 1 boy – The 3 girls all chocolate merle (one of which I am keeping), and one chocolate boy with a white spot on his chest. Pictures updated every 2 weeks in my albums under new litters! I will be keeping the big light brown girl with the beige spots  (reverse merle) for a possible future mommy!


Pajamas’ litter of 4 HavaPoo Puppies!

Deposits received listed below for Mini Poodle Pajamas & Havanese Jolly Jeep’s new litter of 4 HavaPoo puppies born March 8th, 2016.

  1. Lisa & Mike from NJ – chocolate merle female puppy
  2. Lauren from TN – chocolate merle female puppy
  3. Sarah from PA – chocolate male puppy
  4. ME!!! I am keeping a girl to be a future mommy!

Pajamas is retiring after this new litter but I have a new chocolate merle mommy that will be taking over for her.  Some folks on this waiting list may go on to wait for the next Fall 2016 litter from my new girl ‘Bling” if there is not a puppy of their preferred color or gender available for them here. Some may get a puppy from another litter altogether. Some folks may move up in line for choice when others decide to wait for her next puppies. Having a deposit down will definitely hold your places in line though even if your wait may be a long one, (quite possibly over a year for a choc merle patterned puppy). I promise it will be worth your patience!  🙂


I will be building a web page & photo album for Bling soon.

Deposits for Bling & Jolly Jeeps Fall 2016 litter below:

  1. Nancy from CO – female puppy
  2. Lisa from NJ -female puppy (also on Raisin’s list)
  3. Clare from AZ (also on Sparkles list)
  4. Noel from TX (also on Squeek’s list)
  5. Vicki & Ron from MI (also on Squeek’s list)
  6. Cindy from TN (also on Raisin’s list)
  7. Robin from Ontario (also on Sparkle’s list)
  8. Julie from CA (also on Raisin’s list)
  9. Julie from CA (getting TWO puppies!)
  10. Loraine from FL (also on Cheerio’s list)
  11. Christa from TX (also on PolkaDot’s list)
  12. Kimberly from VA (also on Raisin’s list)
  13. Laura from OH (also on Raisin’s list)
ShihPoo – HavaPoo

I previously bred more of the ShihPoo (ShihTzu / Poodle) puppies as you may have wondered why I have changed to the HavaPoo puppies. Well, I am going to explain here: When I began breeding the Designer Dogs, most folks were unfamiliar with the Havanese breed since they are fairly new to America. The breed itself (in my opinion) is a much heartier breed. They also have that wonderful personality as the ShihTzu but do not have the flat face which contributes to teeth and sinus problems. The Havanese also seems to have more tolerance to toxins (stronger liver / kidney) and a stronger immune system. I know that the ShihPoo mix breed is very hard to improve on but – nothing is impossible! It can be done with the HavaPoo! As you can see I breed for Healthy/Hearty puppies. ( I spelled it that way on purpose!) LOL  I have retired my ShihTzu daddies & I now no longer breed the ShihPoo puppies although my ShihPoo puppies were quite healthy, it  narrowed down our chances on perfect health, good teeth/jaw alignment, and no breathing/sinus problems. Even if you are dead set on a ShihPoo, you may want to highly consider the HavaPoo. You may not want to miss out on one of these wonderful little puppies!

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The Sunny Day Puppies Difference:

All my beautiful puppies are very well socialized with people, several other dogs of all sizes, and many farm animals too! They are naturally used to using the bathroom outside already, well away from their food & bedding. They come when called & follow very well. They are very happy, friendly little puppies. They wash my face quite thoroughly every day with their tiny tongues! When they are old enough & ready to go to their new homes, they easily adjust & are much easier to house break & train. Be sure to read all about “The SDP Difference” – how I breed and raise my puppies.

Flying your puppy? No worries! I have flown puppies all over the U.S.A. without incident for years. I prepare them well!  I have recently changed to only using my Puppy Nanny’s. They are WONDERFUL! The puppies are carried on board in their lap, loved on & cuddled, taken to the bathroom for potty breaks on a potty pad, and cared for every step of the way!  Information about all of this in my “Placing A Deposit” page.

I have a real good book “How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With” that I give all my new puppy owners. This little pup highly recommends it!

I have a real good book "How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With" that I give all my new puppy owners. This little pup highly recommends it!