Sunny Day

Breeding Smart, Happy, Healthy, Lap-size
Non-shedding “Designer Dog” Puppies and
matching them with their Forever Homes
since 2010!




Breeding small “Designer Dogs” with Healthier, Happier puppies in mind!

I breed my AKC / CKC champion-lined, top quality little dogs to produce Healthy, good natured, family friendly, irresistible puppies with highest intelligence, problem-solving abilities, train-ability, and of course they are pretty darn cute too! All of our parent dogs are genetically screened & cleared for over 150 common inherited diseases.

YorkiePoo & HavaPoo Puppies!

We raise HavaPoo puppies (Havanese / Poodle – AKA Mini Hava-Noodle or Poovanese), YorkiPoo puppies (Yorkie / Poodle), and Sunshine puppies (my own special breed mix)! We use “Puppy Culture” techniques to raise the sweetest, smartest, healthiest, Lap-size, Family friendly Hybrid Designer Dog puppies you can find! My puppies range in size from 10 to 30 pounds as adults – the perfect Family size! Durable & Fun, but not delicate!

HavaPooKie & HavaShire & Sunshine Puppies!

I have chosen breeds / specific dogs for their traits looking at their dams & sires for genetic strength. My puppies are all non-shedding, hypo-allergenic dogs weighing between 10 – 30 pounds depending on the cross that you choose. Be sure to read about “The SDP Difference” -our way of breeding and raising our puppies! As you may already know, it is hard to find a good breeder but rest assured, you have found one now! Dogs are one of God’s greatest gifts to us humans. There are countless benefits to having a dog for our best friend! And in my opinion, no child should be raised without one!

Non-shedding / Hypo-Allergenic Puppies

I have made pages all about each of my parent dogs with many pictures here, (most are from champion lines), showing their personalities, including puppy & adult dog pictures from previous litters. (And be sure to enjoy all the fun pictures of my dogs & I in the “FUN PICS” photo albums!) On each puppy page I have expected birth dates listing people with deposits on puppies from that litter. Fun to watch the puppies grow up when I update the new litter photos in my albums every 2 weeks!

Havanese + Poodle

Yorki + Poodle

Havanese + Poodle + Yorki

Lhasa Apso + Havanese + Yorki

Puppy Fun On The Farm!!!

Some SUPER COOL Puppy News: Animal Planet is considering featuring Me & My Dogs on their show “Breeder of the Pack”!!! I am CRAZY excited about it, and a little nervous too! It will be SO fun!!! I promise to keep you all updated here on how all that goes!

  • Little Flower had 7 Sunshine puppies August 31st!
  •  Jingle & JackPot are are expecting their 1st HavaPooKie puppies early November!
  • Dream & PopTart are both expecting their puppies for Christmas! 
  • Waffles is also expecting her HavaPoo Puppies on Christmas! We are sure going to be celebrating allot of births around here!!!
  • TicTac & JackPot are expecting their YorkiPoo puppies Jan 3rd for the 1st puppies to be born in the new year!

WoW! As you can see, we have Plenty of “Sunshine” here on the farm to warm our hearts this Winter!  It’s sure exciting!! What FUN!!! I am always in Heaven here!!

The Sunny Day Puppy Difference “Puppy Culture”

All my beautiful puppies are very well socialized with all age people, many other dogs of all sizes, and many farm animals too! They are naturally used to using the bathroom outside already, well away from their food, sleep & play areas. They come when called & follow very well. They are VERY happy, friendly little puppies that LOVE people! They wash my face quite thoroughly every day with their tiny tongues! When they are old enough & ready to go to their new homes, they adjust easily & usually are very simple to house train. The reason my puppies are so well balanced is because of the way we raise them during this VERY important first part of their lives.

Be sure to read about “The SDP Difference” and you will see why I have developed such a reputation all over our country and my puppies are so often called for ahead of time!  You may have to wait a little while for your puppy but I assure you that your puppy will be worth your wait!!!

Puppies All Over The World!

I just LOVE getting stories about our puppies in their new homes! We’ve got a whole page full of Testimonials from over a decade of happy families!

One of Cesar Millan’s (The Dog Whisperer) trainers got a puppy from me in 2015! Then came back for another in 2016! The team now have 8! And now on for 2 more in 2022! My puppies have them spoiled! That says ALLOT!!! AND not only that, my dogs may get to be on their training videos!!! We are keeping our fingers & paws crossed! 

I also have several puppies with families VERY close to The White House!!! I hope someday… we will see! 🙂


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