The Mamas: HavaShire "Diva"

“SDP Dazzlin Diva”
Chocolate / Tan Tuxedo Havashire
8 pounds ; 10 inches
Havashire Havanese Yorkshire Terrier puppy breeder
Havashire “SDP Dazzlin Diva”

Chocolate/Tan Tuxedo Havashire (Havanese / Yorkshire Terrier) “SDP Dazzlin Diva”

Havashire “Diva” is a Beautiful, Sweet, Dark Chocolate & Tan Tuxedo little doggie who when married with our Choc/Tan Tuxedo Havanese male “SDP Captain Crunch” are going to have ADORABLE  Havashire puppies for sale!

Havashire Havanese Yorkshire Terrier puppy breeder
Havashire Diva Hanging out with Her Friends on the Porch

Havashire “Diva” favorite thing in the world is PEOPLE! Yes, she likes hanging out with her buddies, swimming, boating, car rides, and Christmas, but her VERY favorite is ANY & ALL people!!! She has never met a stranger!!

Little Diva loves everybody and everything! She is quite the HAPPY little doggie all the time!!

Havashire “SDP Dazzlin Diva” was bred by my best friend Joan Fruth. Diva’s dam is Joan’s Champion bred Havanese “Secrets Little Kiki”. Joan also has Diva’s grand-dam “Secret”. Diva’s sire is my Yorkshire Terrier “SDP JackPot.

Havanese “Secrets Little Kiki”

Chocolate / Tan Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”

Diva’s doggie Father is our Chocolate / Tan Parti Yorkshire Terrier”JackPot”.

Meet Diva’s Sire (Father) JackPot & learn more about him on his page: Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”.

Chocolate/Tan Tuxedo/Parti Havanese “Captain Crunch”

Dazzlin Diva’s HUSBAND is our Havanese “SDP Captain Crunch“!!!

Havashire Havanese Yorkshire terrier mix-breed puppies for Sale Breeder
Father of Puppies

Their puppies will be sable & chocolate / brown colored, with tan points HavaShire (3/4 Havanese & 1/4 Yorkie) puppies with brown, & Hazel-green eyes, & white Tuxedo & Parti markings! Puppies will be registered with CKC. She, as with all my dogs, is DNA health cleared.

See plenty more pictures of Havashire Diva & her Handsome Havanese hubby Captain Crunch in their photo albums.

Small, Family Friendly, Non-Shedding & Hypo-Allergenic Havashire Puppies!!

Examples of our Havashire puppies above. Be sure to see more pics of our past Havashire puppies in my photo albums!