SDP's Puppy Choosing Process

I keep my website updated daily with news of when each litter is expected to be born, deposits already received on each litter,  photos of the puppies every two weeks with some of the pictures showing the girls & boys on blue / pink rugs.


You will be able to choose the puppy that you want from the litter (male/female and color) when they are 1 week old. Be sure to look at my photo albums of the “Past Puppies” to see what they will look like as they grow & as adults. I also have albums on examples of the different breeds as adults. At only 1 week old they mostly just look like little mice! If the puppies look alike both in color & gender, I sometimes have my buyers to wait until I can safely put color coded collars on them at 5-6 weeks old before they make their choices. Because of the way I raise them, I have no shy, timid, or fearful puppies so as personalities go, I think any of my puppies will fit well and adjust to any lifestyle! If in doubt, read my pages & pages of Comments & Stories from Folks who have my Puppies!

I know many of you would prefer to wait until the litter was 6 to 8 weeks old before you made your choice. In the past, I did it that way and I had so much trouble making last minute changes, plans, & flights for puppies that I was spending all my time inside on the computer and telephone instead of with my dogs & puppies. That is not what I am about. Now, you’ll just have to take my word, and all of my past puppy buyers words, that you are going to get the wonderful puppy of your dreams!

Folks will make their choices in the order of the deposits received of course.  I put up TONS of pictures on the web site every 2 weeks so you can watch your puppy grow. They will have color coded collars on in their 6 week old photos to help you. I will put girly color collars on the little girls and boyish color collars on the boys. The darker colored collars will be on the larger sized puppies, with the lighter colored collars on the smaller puppies although many times there will be little to no size difference between two or more puppies. Take a look at their parents weights/sizes on their web pages to get an idea of their puppies’ sizes to be as adults. There will be MANY action photos in the 6 weeks puppy album to help you get a good feel of each puppy’s’ personality. And of course, you can always give me a call to ask questions about them. I am ALWAYS ready to brag on my babies! I can help you make your choice and match your lifestyle with the best puppy for you. After all, I have been with these puppies every day of their lives!