Hi Lisa,

I am getting used to calling you Lisa, because Yvette calls you Lisa.

Hallie is just a darling!!!! She is my constant companion. She is asleep on my lap right now. However, she really doesn’t like me to be on the computer, and often barks and barks at me to get off and play with her. We take a walk in the Rose Garden at Whetstone Park everyday that the weather permits.

Now that it is cold, she sits and waits for me to put her coat on her to go outside to potty.

I give her cut up pieces of a “Greenie” (for her teeth) and she hides them and then comes back and barks at me to go find it. It is a big game with us. She just watches and watches me as I look all the places that I KNOW she hasn’t hid it. And then I FIND it!

Hope all is well with you. We feel sooooo fortunate to have Hallie.


Janette from OH