Hi Mary Lisa,

Hope all is well with you and your family. No complaints here. I haven’t spoken to you in awhile so thought I would drop you a line and send some current pictures of Henry. He’s the light of our life! He’s sooo smart and sweet and loves to cuddle. Have already taught him to sit and shake. We were off to the vet in this picture.

Have a great remaining week!

Warm regards,


Henry now one year old:


Hi Mary Lisa!

Great hearing from you. Caelin and I are doing great and love Henry so much. He is such a pistol and so smart. I’ve attached a picture of his graduation day from 8 weeks of obedience training.

In June we’re going to enroll him in intro to agility classes. He’ll love it and really needs something to focus all of his energy into.

How are you? I saw the pictures of your new birthing building. It looks great. How are Henry’s parents?

Have a wonderful Easter!

Warm regards,