Mary Lisa,

Just wanted to give you an update on Charlie (Yorkie). He is the most adorable wonderful puppy. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!!!

Took him to the vet on Tues., weighed in at 1#12oz. The vets was EXTREMELY impressed w/him. She said his is the most perfect little package she has ever seen ~ all is tight, legs and hips great, teeth fabulous, personality to kill!

Sir Charles sleeps w/mommy and Sophie every night. He usually sleeps in the crux of my arm. Last night, he came to bed, rolled over so I could rub his little belly and fell sound asleep in the crux of my arm within one minute, then began to snore!! OMG!!! This little man is just soooooo perfect. I love him dearly.

Charlie is “everyone’s” friend, loves to run and romp w/the larger dogs and keeps up w/them all the way. I can’t begin to tell you how very happy I am with him!

As always,

Karen from NY




Mary Lisa,

Just wanted to give you another update.

My little Charlie is the most wonderful of all of my dogs. He is SOOOOOO loving you wouldn’t believe it. This a.m. I woke up w/him sleeping on my pillow, front paws over my shoulder and face on mine. I love him so much. He is still very tiny, 1#15oz., but you would think he was 50#. He gets along so very well with the other dogs… I almost think he wants to be the pack leader.

Charlie is also sooooo very smart. Does all his business outside, sits on command, etc. OMG I love him!!!

Can’t wait to get my Yorkiepoo as I know he will be wonderful as well.

Talk to you SOON!





Good Evening Mary Lisa,

Just wanted to let you know all is well w/the boys (puppies).

Charlie is so attached to me you wouldn’t believe it. He runs around w/the best of them for and hour or so, and when he is pooped, he barks to come up on me, climbs on my chest, curls up in a little ball and falls asleep. Today, as he fell asleep he rolled onto his back and wanted a belly rub. Within seconds he was snoring, within minutes he was dreaming and it was funnier than heck. He was barking, whining, his legs were going. Oh my…. he is the funniest little guy!!!! I love him to death.

Then there is Mr. Handsome, (Yorkipoo). He melts everyone’s hearts. What a beautiful puppy. What a RIP! He runs w/the best of them, jumps on them, for hours. He is a card. When he gets tired he literally flops on the floor and is sound asleep.

I have NEVER been so in love in my life.

Had I found these dogs 30 years ago I NEVER would have wasted my life w/men!

Talk to you soon!

Karen from NY