YAMoxieKathrina-01Mary Lisa, you have made this entire process so much fun!!!

I’m grateful I found you on-line….this has been a wonderful experience!!! Thanks for the e-mails and updates.

Much warmth to Goldilocks and you!!!


Thank you so much for our darling puppy! She’s just darling and already settled in. And, she hasn’t had one accident yet. I was ready for potty training to take six months to a year. But, she’s so good and very smart!!! It was a delight to see the farm…thanks for all the time spent with us.

Much warmth and thanks,


PS – picture is of pup and Owen snuggling in the car on the drive home.


next email – few months later:

You brag away!!! Could you imagine every dog being loved like yours!!!? I was reading the book and the part on the ‘breeders’ influence and thought of you. You give more to those pups than the typical breeder does. She got off on the right ‘paw’ from day one under your care. Please feel free to use any of my comments and any of the pictures I’ll be sending.

Kathrina from OH