Hi Mary Lisa –

Just want to say Thank You! My little guy is AWESOME. His name IS Cody…hope your

son does not feel offended – lol! He is doing great! He follows e everywhere. I am his bud for sure. He is going potty outside & handling the crate training very well so far.

It was a pleasure to meet you – we enjoyed your company very much & appreciated all the time

you spent with us Sat, thanks again J

I will be in touch.

Take Care



( few months later)

Hi Mary Lisa –

Cody has turned out to be an AWESOME PUP! As soon as we brought him home he knew to go potty outside so house training was rather simple for me. He is very sweet, friendly, playful, & affectionate – he loves to give kisses, esp in the morning. I took him to puppy class at PetSmart one week after being home. His 2 classmates were purebred Yorkies [such a cute class – they all got lots of attention] & Cody surpassed both of them hands down & he was the youngest. He loves playing with his toys, my 4 yr old niece, Makayla & her cat, Sebastian. Cody is also a fearless little guy when it comes to other dogs/animals, mainly because he’s so friendly – he definitely does not think of himself as “small”. He recently went after a BUCK in my boyfriends back yard – I was right there & grabbed him & the deer took off anyway but I could not believe his selection of playmates – I stay close by at all times just in case, have too.

Cody has won the hearts of the vet & groomer alike, referring to him as a “doll-baby” & “tough cookie”. As sweet as he is, he’s also a tough little guy. He’s never even flinched at any shots. He weighs 7.8lbs now, is very light in color [still getting lighter] & his hair has finally filled in, along with the rest of his body. He has been a complete joy for me & my entire family. I could not ask for a pup with a better personality than what I’ve received with Cody – I absolutely adore him!!!

Thank You So Much For My Bundle Of Joy!


(year later)

Hi Mary Lisa ~

Just sending a couple updated pictures of my little guy Cody – one very recent xmas pose & another w/my niece – these two are inseparable! They actually play hide & seek!!!

Sole pup of Oreo born on May 22, 2009 – picked him up from you! Aug. 8, 2009 w/mom & sis in tow. He’s now just over 18 mos and so awesome – I love him to pieces – and he knows it!

Of course you can put them on your website – he’s sooo worth bragging about! Everyone that meets him adores him – he’s a very sweet dog. Glad to hear all is well with Oreo & her new pups – we know she’s in good hands thanks to your genuine concern for your little critters – and your customers

thank you for that!

Hope you have a wonderful New Years!