Susan & Chase

Hi Mary Lisa,

I am just writing to let you know that puppy #2, now known as Puppy Chase is doing great. He now weighs 4lbs, 7oz, and has finished 2 more rounds of immunizations and is old enough to venture out a bit now. My vet thinks he will probably be almost as big as his mother, he definitely does not take after his father in that regard, but that is fine with me!

He has dog walkers that visit him twice a day, and sometimes bring a friend to play with, which he loves. He is a great little traveler, and has been Texas to meet his extended family, and also goes to the beach every weekend.

I took him last night for the first time to a puppy play group and he was beside himself crazy about the whole idea. It was very cute. He starts his Puppy Kindergarden next week, so I hope that is fun and productive for us both ~ we have some issues with biting/mouthing, but we are working on it. Housebreaking went pretty easily for him.

He is a great little fella and I am very happy with him, hope all the rest of his litter and the other dogs are doing well also.