ChaseSnowHi Mary Lisa,

Glad all is going well for you and all the dogs! I recognize that picture of one of the Carkie puppies; it is my own Puppy Chase!!

Chase is still as cute as ever! He is the most friendly, happy little guy, and according to our trainer, very, very smart. He goes to Puppy Play Group each week for socialization, and everyone there thinks “Crazy Chase” is great, he will literally play with any and every dog that comes through the group ~ big or small, and has never had any issues with being either aggressive or timid.

Here is a photo of him playing in the snow, which he loved. Just wanted you to know how happy I am with my little Carkie and what a great dog he is turning out to be. He has lost a little of his puppy color, and is mostly blond with gold and some grey mixed in, but all the black has gone. He is about 9 ½ pounds now (at almost 8 months) and a really good size, not too small but still not too big to easily travel with me.

Susan from NY