Hi Mary Lisa,

We are doing good here in Illinois. Just thought I would give you an update on Hallie. I have pictures but have not downloaded them yet but I will soon. She is walking on a leash now and doing really well….just like an old pro, a midget pro! She has been doing really well going potty outside but I have been very diligent in taking her out often. This weekend I was working around the house and not being prompt enough, I guess, because she went to the back door twice and sat there until I came and let her out. I was so proud of her. Before I even came and picked her up from you I bought one of those pretty ribbons with bells on it for them to ring when they want out. It has been on the back door since she came home and, of course, it jingles every time I open the back door to let her out. Yesterday I was reading the Sunday paper and what do I hear? Jingle jingle jingle from the kitchen. I looked in there and there she sat at the back door. She made my day!

We had a storm here last night and she was not crazy about the thunder and wanted to be in my lap. I tried playing it off like it was no big deal so she wouldn’t be afraid in the future. She didn’t shake or anything like some dogs do so I was happy about that. We went to bed and she snuggled up with me like she usually does. There was one loud clap of thunder after that and she scooched right up with her head tucked into my neck and went right back to sleep.

She is such a good girl and I am so glad that I picked her out of all the litter. She is beautiful and smart and funny and Miss Personality Plus. Now that all three dogs are eating the same dog food, she is eating just fine. In fact, the cockers are doing better, skin wise, by eating the Taste of the Wild. Good move!

Well, have a good week and I’ll get some pictures off to you. She is growing but still a little bit of a thing. I hope she doesn’t get too big but I know there is still growing room ahead. I may be need to feed or something to stunt her growth! Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that!

Thanks for my little girl,



Later on:


Hi Mary Lisa,

Hallie says hi and she is doing great! I started taking her to doggy day care a couple of weeks ago because she is just so full of energy. She would be so wound up by the time I got home from work that she was like the Tazmanian Devil! Well, she LOVES daycare and playing with all the dogs. She is the youngest and smallest but doesn’t let that stop her. The man that runs it says she is like the good will ambassador for dogs/puppies. She wants to play so bad and will not take no for an answer. Even the most resistant finally gives in to her he says. Last night when I picked her up he said….she is such an awesome dog! They love her to death there and she feels the same way. I guess her favorite playmates are 2 min pins, a beagle and a border collie (is that the small collie?). I couldn’t believe it the first day I took her there, there are about 20-30 dogs there and most of them big, high energy dogs like labs and retrievers and collies. Hallie doesn’t care, she just runs right in there every morning as if to say, here I am, the fun can begin!

Everyone loves her and thinks she is about the cutest thing they have ever seen. I must agree. She has had 2 haircuts and did great with both. The first one was just to kind of trim her up so I could see her eyes again! The last one was about 2 weeks ago and she got more of a real haircut and looks adorable. Most people tell me she looks like a teddy bear. Rebel and Chloe are still not fond of her when she is wound up but like laying with her when she is tired. Hallie will snuggle up to them and they will take naps together.

I am going to send you a deposit for another one of Goldilocks’ puppies from her next litter!

Hope all is going well there. I will be in touch. I will get a check in the mail to you this week.

She makes me laugh all the time. I’m excited to be getting her a sister to play with then Goldilocks’ newest litter is ready to come home.



Mary Lisa,

I took this last night on the way home from work after picking Hallie up from doggie daycare. She was one tired little girl!

She is just too darn cute for words. They told me at daycare she is “the total package” and not to expect to every get one like her again!



Mary Lisa,

Does this look like the face of a precious puppy who would shred paper when Mom wasn’t looking? Hallie Rae trying to fake Mom out….who me?



Now, look here everyone – You all know Terri was just making this up.

I KNOW no puppy of mine would even think of doing something like that! – Mary Lisa