GREAT Fun Winter Hiking with the Dogs Today!!!

  1. Anita Jones 3 months ago

    Love the pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Joyce DuBois 3 months ago

    Such a happy group of pups, and so lucky to be able to enjoy the beautiful winter weather with you!

  3. Summer Williams 3 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous!! These pictures paint a story as gorgeous in nature as it is gorgeous in the pure spirit of those most lovely fur babies. Truly sublime!

  4. Marcia Frichette 3 months ago

    They are having a ball and will sleep good tonite! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lisa Audette 3 months ago

    Just made my day! These pictures are show stoppers. The absolute way people of different origin should/could explore together.
    Thank you,
    Proud owner of Raisin’s very smart puppy,

  6. Carl Carter 3 months ago

    Does their mother know they are out there with no snow boots on ..???

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