My New Website is Up!!!

Hello to all my puppy-dog friends!

It’s me – Mary Lisa from Sunny Day Puppies! I want to announce my new (and hopefully improved) web site. I have been working on it for several months & I am finally ready to go live with it!! Many of the folks inquiring about my puppies still had questions that my original web site didn’t answer. I think the way I had it set up listing my puppies according to their Mommy’s was a little confusing to many. I like folks to feel comfortable with their choice of me as the breeder of their new puppy when they cannot come here to meet my dogs & I.

I hope it will be a big improvement over my original site but it is still far from finished. My website is always a work in progress! Take a look at it if you will! I would really appreciate any advice/criticism/suggestions that you may have to give me after you look around. I LOVE outside opinions.

The part I REALLY excited about is “The SDP Difference” area!!! It describes how I raise my Dogs & puppies and why Sunny Day Puppies is different than than other kennels. I plan to add lots of video there of my little ones playing in their stalls & play-yards doing what my silly puppies always do!

I can hardly wait to hear everyones advice so I can get to work and start polishing things up there!!

Thank you all SO much for your time!

Mary Lisa

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  1. Thanks for including the pics of little Rusty! Not many people in Livermore have seen a Carkie.

    1. Oh, I LOVE when you send them!!! He reminds me SO much of both Mommy & Daddy. He makes me so proud!! Sometimes, breeding & raising puppies has it’s hard, sad, occasionally heartbreaking times… It’s pictures and stories like yours that remind me why I do it!!! Thank you again!!

  2. I am interested in getting a Shih Tzu, toy poddle female puppy. I would like to speak to somebody regarding the breed. Please call me at (913) 897-6881. We recently lost our Shih Tzu named Tootsie. Tootsie was a companion to our special needs son. He loved her so much.

    1. I am sorry to hear about little Tootsie. You will never forget your little buddy, I know, but it is good that you have decided to get another buddy. I just can’t imagine life without a dog. I am in heaven here with all mine! I will call you tomorrow – I work tomorrow but I can call you on lunch break. I think that will be around noon or 1pm for you. Just in case though my cell number is 740-339-3453. I will have it with me but cannot answer it while working so please leave a message if you call. I look forward to talking with you!
      Mary Lisa

  3. Hi Mary Lisa,

    Feedback: I dont know if the new web-site just isn’t compatiable with IOS or MAC products, but I used to be able to tap on a picture and/or pull it open with a finger motion to enlarge them. It is not possible on the new web-site. 🙁

    1. Hummm… It is built on a Mac… I will look into that & try to fix it. I want to tell you now though that I REALLy appreciate your time in pointing this out for me! It is going to take some work to get it all working the way I want it but it will definitely be worth it in the end!! Thank you so much!

  4. Mary Lisa,
    Are you planning on a liter or Carkie’s? I have trouble looking at this breed on your site. I’m sorry to bother you.

  5. Hi,
    When will you have yorkipoo puppies available and approx. what are they going to cost? I bought one about 2 years ago and just love her so much & I’m looking for a sister for her.

  6. Your website is awesome, I just want to take the puppies right of the page!

  7. I am having trouble figuring out where to place my name on a waiting list for a Hava-Poo. I have already placed my deposit

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