Our SWEET Lhasa Apso “CupCake” is Retiring.

My little Black & White Tuxedo Lhasa Apso CupCake is ready now to retire!
CupCake will be 5 years old December 6th. The life span of a Lhasa Apso is generally 15-17 years. She is just now entering her prime. Non-shedding & Hypo-allergenic  Charcoal black Tuxedo low to medium energy level girl who is just a pleasure to have around!
Lhasa Apso “CupCake”
She is of course house-trained very well here but any dog needs a little time to adjust to a new home. She is a mild, sweet, happy, loves ALL age people, very cuddly girl that absolutely LOVES belly rubs more than any dog I have ever known!!! She is trained on & off leash, 100% recall, well mannered & socialized with lots of other dogs & farm animals although has never seen a cat as yet. She doesn’t have a high prey drive so I think she would get used to cats easily & maybe really like them!
Lhasa Apso “CupCake”
Read about her on her web page: Lhasa Apso “CupCake” and her photo album is here: CupCake.
She will be spayed. She has been a wonderful mommy, (I could never ask for better!) and now it is time for her to begin the next adventure in her life!!
She is $1,500. She is my little buddy so I like to match her with the right owner so that they are both happy for many years to come. That means you will need to come here and visit CupCake and me to see if the match is right.
Email me at [email protected] or through my website from CupCake’s pages listed above. Include your phone number & we can talk all about her. I may talk your ear off but that really can’t be helped… 🙂
Mary Lisa
Little Miss CupCake is now in her new home & living the life!!! Congratulations & Thank you to Patti & her Family from Ohio! They also have one of my other puppies!!!

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  1. Hi my name is Morson and I am very interested in Cup Cake if she is still available. My phone number is 813-263-8381.

    1. Hi Nick,

      CupCake is called for now. I may have 2 more Mini Poodle ladies retiring in 2020 at the age of 3. They are Waffles & Stripe. If you are interested in one of them I can notify you at the time if you like. 

      I look for the perfect home for them ahead of time. They have been my friends for a while and I love them very much. I usually charge very little for them (around 500 to 1500 )- what is important for me & them is that they have a loving home for their life. They will need to be  spayed by you. They are well trained and it is a very good opportunity for folks to own a wonderful dog. I like to match the right dog with the right owner so they are both happy for many years. That means you will need to come here and visit them and me to see if the match is right. Are you able to come here?

      If you subscribe to my “ Puppy News” there on the bottom of my website, you will receive my occasional updates via email. It’s pretty fun! Also, if a puppy or adult ready for retire becomes available for some reason or another, this is where I will announce it first.

    1. Hi Sherrie, Can you please sign up for it on my website? It is near the bottom under the “Subscribe to My Newsletter” part. It is really fun & I promise not to send them too often!

  2. Please add me to your mailing list. I am interested in poodles and Havanese. thank you.

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