Some Winter Fun!!

Just thought you might like to know about how Winter is going here on the farm!
We had a BUNCH of snow for us here in SE Ohio! We have been having a pretty good time!! Except for the ice where 2 legged Mary Lisa was sliding around for a day or two, we little doggies have been having a grand time! Mary Lisa & Mark’s electricity was out for a day but not ours! Everybody stayed warm & cozy around here!
It’s sure been FUN playing in all this snow – what an adventure it is!!! And those 2 legged, fur-less doggies sure are silly when they slide so fast down the hills! Sometimes we take turns riding along with them and they laugh all the way down the hill!!!
Diva’s new Havashire puppies & Echo’s new HavaPoo (AKA HavaNoodle) puppies are all 4 weeks old already and Riddle’s are almost 3 weeks! They are REALLY getting FUN now!!! They sure keep us all laughing around here!!! Watch them all grow in their photo albums on the website!
Come by & see us sometime, laugh with us, and join in on the fun!!! If yur too far away to come, check out our silly videos on Facebook!
From Mary Lisa, all the doggies, & the 2 legged critters

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