Summer News from Sunny Day Puppies!

Fun Summer News from Sunny Day Puppies!

New YorkiPoo Puppies!

Yes! Sky & her husband JackPot had 3 YorkiPoo puppies on May 20th! They will be ready to go to their homes on July 15th. There are 2 available puppies that are not called for as yet! If you would like one of them, look at them on my website & let me know right away.

Sky's Newborn YorkiPoo Puppies
Sky’s Newborn YorkiPoo Puppies!

Jingle & Daisy are planning Summer puppies!

Both Daisy (HavaPoo puppies) & Jingle (HavaPooKie puppies) are planning for summer puppies & expecting them to be born between August 8th to the 12th! If all goes well, they will be ready to go in the 1st week of October.

  • For the folks who are on Roxy’s puppy waiting list – please let me know if you are – or are not – interested in one of Daisy’s puppies since we are skipping Roxy’s summer/fall litter. I will move you to Daisy’s waiting list if you would like a puppy from her litter before I take new deposits there.


PopTart, Dream, & Roxy are taking a summer vacation.

We will be skipping PopTart’s, Dream’s, & Roxy’s summer breeding cycles this year & give us all some spare time! Ha! I am not sure I know what spare time is!!  LOL!! Their next puppies will not be until next winter/spring of 2024.

Non-shedding & Hypo-allergenic Puppies

Learn all about these little gals & fellers, their Mommy & Daddies, the HavaPoo & YorkiPoo. See lots of FUN pictures of them on my  website where you will find all the information that you would ever want!  There are many FUN pictures of these puppies, their parents, siblings & friends, and past puppies at all ages!

Remember, all my dogs & puppies are non-shedding & hypo-allergenic! Our parent dogs are genetically screened & cleared for over 150 common inherited diseases.

My Puppy Nanny is available for Air & Ground transport if needed.


Be sure to read about “The SDP Difference” and you will see why I have developed such a reputation all over our country and my puppies are most often called for ahead of time!

The SDP Way of Breeding Puppies

The SDP Way of Raising Puppies

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