Available HavaNoodle (HavaPoo) Puppies- Ready to Go Now!!!

Available Puppies!!!

There is NO better way to start the New Year than with a New Little Friend !!!

There are presently 2 puppies still available from Nickers’ new litter. They are ready to go now! – Without a year or more wait!!!

Nickers & Jolly Jeep’s 2 Available HavaPoo Puppies – Ready to Go Now!

Nicker's Available HavaPoo Puppy
Nicker’s Available Black with a little white female HavaPoo / HavaNoodle Puppy


Nicker's Available HavaPoo Puppy
Nicker’s Available Black/Blue Merle female HavaPoo / HavaNoodle Puppy

These 2 little HavaNoodle (AKA HavaPoo) puppies are doing VERY well here with their house-training with no accidents! They already have received their 2nd set of vaccinations & are VERY well balanced, socialized with many different people and other dogs.  They are quite the happy little cuddle-bugs! I have to say though that if you get one of them, be prepared to give lots of belly rubs – I do have them spoiled & they LOVE them!!!

Black / Blue Merle HavaPoo (HavaNoodle) Female Puppy

Black / white markings HavaPoo (HavaNoodle) Female Puppy


HavaNoodle / HavaPoo Puppies


Click here to go to their page on my Website: Nickers’ 2 HavaPoo Puppies
You can see TONS of new pictures of them all playing as I update them in their PHOTO ALBUMS!

You will get plenty of laughs –  Happy Cuddly Funny Puppies!!!

Non-shedding & Hypo-allergenic Puppies

Learn all about these little gals & fellers, their Mommy & Daddies, the HavaPoo & Sunshine Puppies. See lots of FUN pictures of them on my  website where you will find all the information that you would ever want!  There are well over 150 FUN pictures of these puppies, their parents, siblings & friends, and past puppies at all ages!

Remember, all my dogs & puppies are non-shedding & hypo-allergenic! Our parent dogs are genetically screened & cleared for over 150 common inherited diseases.

My Puppy Nannies available for Air & Ground transport if needed.


Be sure to read about “The SDP Difference” and you will see why I have developed such a reputation all over our country and my puppies are most often called for ahead of time!

The SDP Way of Breeding Puppies

The SDP Way of Raising Puppies

Poodle mix Puppies for sale in Ohio

Like I say, There is NO better way to start your New Year than with the unconditional LOVE from a New Little Puppy!!!

With Sunny Smiles,
Mary Lisa

5 Responses

  1. We are interested in a male havapoo puppy. Can you advise when you might have puppies available?

    1. Oh yes! I keep my website updated every days to what is going on here! It’s a FUN website & I promise you will enjoy it! SunnyDayPuppies.com

  2. Hi Mary Lisa!! We continue to be SO in love with our delightful Oliver. Everyone loves him and he is working well in our counseling business. He helps children have a voice in session and helps people who are grieving or fighting find some peace, calm and smiles. He has Wally completely wrapped around his little paws and makes no apologies. I remain the trainer-mom, but I still get a ton of snuggles and winks. Let’s face it, these dogs are SMART!!!
    We continue to toss around the idea of getting one more so that Ollie would have a friend in the house. Sadly, our cat, Finn, has chosen it will never be her. Then again, we have spoiled (not ruined) our Oliver so well I am not sure we could ‘do’ two! Loving our SD puppy! Happy 2024!!! The Hollis family!

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