HavaPoo (Havanese/Poodle)

HavaPoo (Havanese/Poodle) Breeder

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    1. LOL! He is a cutie pie! Dance has that color (sable) in her Havashire puppies. Cheerio has one in her present litter I think – they are born a darker color, then lighten as they grow into adulthood. It’s very possible that Goldilocks will have some sable puppies with her upcoming litter with Jeep.

  1. I am very interested in a Havapoo puppy or a young Havapoo (1-3 years). I am looking for a male that looks very similar to Nibbles. Do you have any puppies or adult dogs in need of a loving home?

  2. Hi Mary goodnight I’m interested in a toy hava poodle puppy with blue green or gray eyes male and preferably caramel mix with brown and white or just white please and thank you

    1. Take a look at my web site at the address below (I update it daily) – it will answer many of your questions on who is pregnant, when their litters are expected, and how many deposits on on that litter already. I also have TONS of pictures there of the parent dogs, pedigrees, parents’ sizes/weights, what size I expect their puppies to be as adults, pics of past puppies they have had, and lots of fun pics to give you an idea of each dogs personalities. http://www.SunnyDayPuppies.com

  3. What a doll! Interested Havapoo puppy with colors just like this. Interested in upcoming litters and signing up for your newsletter 🙂 Ready to have a fur baby! Ii am warning you though, its going to be hard to choose just one puppy!!!

  4. I am looking for a female havapoo would like light color one thanks I live in Colorado

  5. This dog is really cute and I might buy it but what is the price how old is it and is it a girl or a boy

  6. I an interested in a Havapoo puppy or young dog.
    Lost my Schnoodle Maggie recently and we are ready for another dog.

    1. Oh, I am sad to hear about your loss, but I am happy that you have decided to get another little buddy. I just cant imagine life with =out at least one best friend! Please look at my website where I have all about my puppies! I keep it updated daily. I am sure you will enjoy it! http://sunnydaypuppies.com Then email me if you still have any questions and I will be looking forward to your email!

  7. IMG_1588.PN
    I’m looking for a havaneesepoo that looks like nibbles with the same colors -brown tan black. Make or female .

  8. I have been searching for a havapoo little girl. When do you ecpect the august litter to be available? Will the price be set? My dsughter is allergic and all my kids and myself have been wanting a dog uf for some reason she was not able to tolerate the puppy eould you accept it back? Thanks

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